Beautiful Tupi


Agten Tufi Festival
A thanksgiving celebration of Beauty and Bounty. It is a convergence of various ethnic and cultural dances featuring Tupi as the province's flower, fruit and vegetable basket and a place where various cultures abode. Held every September 11 in celebration of the town's foundation anniversary.

Linggo ng Matutum
A weeklong festivity every March 13-20 of each year in celebration of the declaration of Mt. Matutum as protected Landscape: highlighting "Amyak Maleh", a climb and plant mountaineering activities and the Mindanao wide "Amyak Maleh Mt Matutum Bike Challenge".

Kariton Festival
Annual parade of animal drawn carts (kariton) bedecked with vegetables, fruits and flowers. Held every December and is being sponsored by the barangay Poblacion.