Beautiful Tupi

Investment Hubs and Oppurtunities

Tupi's climate and soil type makes it suitable to all types of crop and livestock production. Presently, Tupi aside from pineapple, tropical fruits and vegetables is identified as suited for high-value commercial crops (HVCC) like asparagus and papaya. Cutflower production is one crop that is presently putting Tupi in the Regional Map. In the case of poultry production, Tupi is likewise identified as one of the areas in the province as suited for said venture.

To date, there are around 34 major poultry raisers scattered in the municipality with minimum of 10,000 heads capacity. Tupi had been identified in the SOCSARGEN Growth Plan as one of the areas where a satellite Food Terminal shall be located. To date, a private organization, the DARBCI initiated the establishment of an initial 70 hectare Economic Zone within the Municipality of Tupi. One of the future investment eyed as an economic booster is the establishment of a Integrated Food Terminal. On this aspect, private investors are welcome to finance major economic endeavors within the economic zone.

As manifest of the LGU's continuing quest for excellence in agricultural endeavors, individual farmers and farmer's organization have been bestowed the National Gawad Saka Awards for nine consecutive years.