Beautiful Tupi

Tourist Attractions

  • Linan Hotspring, Waterfalls and Campsite located within the Matutum forest reserved area. The hot springs which emits sulfuric hot water is believed to be medicinal. The area is strictly being conserved by DENR to protect the remaining forest cover within the vicinity. It is declared part of the Protected Landscpe of Mt. Matutum under the NIPAS Law.
  • Acmonan Hotspring and Waterfall located at the foot of Mount Matutum. The Hot Springs and Waterfalls are just adjacent to each other.
  • Filipino-Japanese and Memorial Shrine located at Norona Hillside constructed with the assistance of the Manzo Hango, a member of the Japanese Imperial Army assigned in Tupi during World War II.
  • Lunen Waterfalls although not far with Linan and Acmonan Falls, the isle is considered as a potential tourist attraction.
  • Municipal Hall and Plaza. It is unique architecture and design is an attraction to passers by. Strategically located in the heart of the Municipality.
  • Tupi Fruit Stands located along the National Highway. Tupi is considered the fruit bowl of the Province. Owing to the potential fruit stands are visible along the highways where tropical fruits are for sale. It is so accessible because it is located along the Maharlika Highway where buyers can easily park their vehicles.
  • Cave although no intensive exploration had been done, caves are present in Kablon, Linan, Miasong and Polonuling.
  • Miasong Vegetable Plantation located in Barangay Miasong and Vegetable bowl of the municipality. Large scale producer of potatoes, cabbage, carrots, asparagus,yacun, bell paper, "chicharo" and others.
  • SMIARC Research Center. Established before the war which then serves as a rubber nursery. It now serves as a farmers training center and agricultural research.
  • Tropifresh Plant located in Barangay Cr. Rubber, it serves as a research center for asparagus and papaya production.
  • Tablao, Linan Pilgrimage Site located in Linan, it is frequented by visitors particularly during the Holy Week.